The events of 2020 threw many workplaces off kilter. Many companies had to lay off or furlough employees or push most of their workforce online. As companies try to get back on track in 2021, human resources will likely demand much of the work.

Fortunately, there are amazing tools out there that can help employers manage these tumultuous times. Workforce Ready is a human capital management (HCM) program that allows companies to get the most from their employees. 

What can Kronos Workforce Ready do to help my company?

Get Organized

Workforce Ready integrates all the data, employee files, and other human resources tools into one easy-to-use platform. With Workforce Ready, there is only one reference point and version of the truth, so there is no reason to second guess information.

Manage Employees

HCM (human capital management) is the new way that companies are taking human resources to the next level. The tools provided by Workforce Ready go beyond routine HR tasks. They also provide insights that allow companies to manage their employees more strategically. Workforce Ready is a great way for your company to get started with HCM so that you can begin unlocking the full potential of your employees.

Manage Remote Data and Productivity

Having information available in the cloud can be valuable for any company, but it is particularly helpful for businesses that have made a sudden transition to remote work. Workforce Ready allows companies to seamlessly put all time tracking, productivity, and employee information online for easy access from anywhere. For companies worried about their employees’ productivity at home, Workforce Ready also provides built-in productivity tools that help keep workers on track even when they can’t be at the office.

Support Growth

For companies looking to grow or rebuild in 2021, Workforce Ready integrates tools for recruiting, onboarding, and training. These tools are crucial for employers hoping to hire high-quality employees quickly and provide them with the appropriate training. Workforce Ready allows employers and HR departments to seamlessly manage employees, starting with recruiting and ending with offboarding.

Save Money

Many employers using outdated software or managing methods are filled with redundancy and inefficiency. Workforce Ready streamlines all HR tasks and eliminates errors, allowing employers to save time and money in the long run.

Need Assistance with Human Capital Management?

LBMC Employment Partners can help your company get started with Workforce Ready. Contact us today to learn how LBMC Employment Partners can help. From payroll services to HR outsourcing to our PEO services, we are fully equipped to grow and scale with your company along the way!

How Workforce Ready Eases the Burden of Human Resources Management

For today’s employers and Human Resources professionals, time is of the essence, as HR-related tasks can require much attention to manage and nurture people in ways that inspire them to succeed. However, LBMC Employment Partners is proud to help clients be successful with HR tasks by offering a full suite of automated, scalable tools that integrate HR, time and attendance, and more through Workforce Ready’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution by Kronos, Inc. With Workforce Ready, employers can stay competitive and fuel organizational growth—from pre-hire to retire.

Here are just a few of the Workforce Ready platform features and services that can help employers make smarter business decisions.

Workforce Ready Platform Features

  • A single employee record—You enter employee data just once in a single database and it’s shared across all applications.
  • A single source of truth—With a common reporting function, there’s no need to combine multiple sources of information. Decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time data.
  • A superior user experience—Your users work in the same interface across all applications, minimizing training and boosting efficiency. Employee self-service and a mobile app allow easy anytime access.
  • Convenient cloud-based delivery—With the cloud, you avoid installation headaches, you’re always on the latest software release, and you only pay for what you use.

Workforce Ready Services

Through a configurable dashboard, Workforce Ready’s HCM solution allows for easy access to accurate employee data across HR, time and attendance, and more with a single view of employee data for simplified and real-time workforce management. Not only can employers effectively engage their workforce, but they can also find and retain the best talent, gain more time to focus on strategy instead of paperwork, maintain compliance, and streamline processes to boost employee satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Here are two key service areas in which LBMC Employment Partners clients can benefit from Workforce Ready.

Human Resources Management

Workforce Ready’s HR module helps employers store and track employee information in one paperless system to make recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes faster and easier, providing more time for strategic value to your organization. Some of Workforce Ready’s HR management features include:

  • Core HR management
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment/talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management/succession planning
  • Position management
  • Compensation management

Workforce Management

When it comes to managing your workforce, Workforce Ready automates and simplifies time and absence management, accruals, leave, and scheduling functions with powerful applications that help you control labor costs and reduce compliance risk. Here are some of the ways Workforce Ready makes workforce management easier:

  • Time and attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Accruals tracking
  • Leave/absence management
  • ACA management & reporting
  • Attestation management
  • Data collection

What Sets Workforce Ready Apart

Workforce Ready has a user-friendly dashboard with different modules to enhance workflow. The platform makes it easy for employees to find exactly what they need.

Here are the modules that managers and employees can expect with Workforce Ready:

Talent Acquisition – This module helps manage recruiting and hiring with tools for:

  • Both internal and external hires
  • Integration with free and premium job boards
  • Configuration with online applications
  • Self-service for candidates
  • Disseminating pre-screening questions
  • Parsing resumes
  • Notifications for applicants
  • Background screening
  • Recruiting trends

Compensation Management – A module to track and analyze employee compensation with:

  • Employee history
  • Salary history
  • Benefit statements for employees
  • Pay grade steps
  • Total compensation analysis

Performance Management – A module to help employees become more productive and reach their goals with tools for:

  • Continuous feedback and goal tracking for employees
  • Configurable performance appraisals for managers
  • Measuring tools for competency, goals, and core values
  • Performance reporting
  • Employee self-assessment
  • Multiple management assessment
  • Workflow and productivity reviews

Succession Planning – This module can help identify up and coming company leaders and give employees the skills to move up the ranks with:

  • Succession planning profiles
  • Talent matrixes
  • Reporting tools for succession planning

Trainings and Certifications – With this module employees can track their progress towards certifications and skills with tools for:

  • Skill tracking
  • Course management
  • Tracking certification progress
  • Credential review

Incident Tracking – Stay compliant with federal and local laws and track incidents accurately and thoroughly with:

  • Case tracking and reporting
  • Email alerts for incidents
  • Organized document storage
  • Escalation tracking

Attendance Management – Streamline workflow for handling employee attendance with a portal for:

  • Receiving requests and sending approvals for time off
  • Tracking attendance

Asset management – Keep track of the status and condition of company property with tools for:

  • Property management for real-estate and buildings
  • Vehicle management
  • Document storage for insurance and warranty contracts

Offboarding – Even losing an employee can be an opportunity for learning and growth. Deal with terminations and resignations the proper way with:

  • Termination files with details and history
  • Exit interview configuration
  • Termination notification protocols
  • COBRA administration

Companies can add additional modules to suit their needs including:

Marketplace – Expands the app’s functionality with third-party apps like G Suite for Google Cloud and Certify

Employee Perspectives – Supplies analysis of employee data in a neat graphical interface

Mobile App – Compatible with Apple and Android Devices

People Analytics – Real-time data on employees organized into charts and dashboards. Allows managers to proactively manage workforce trends, and work towards business goals using data analytics.

Premium Job Board Integration – Gain access to more than 8,000 premium job boards to secure the best talent.

Everything Benefits Career Connection – Make sure your employees have access to the best benefits possible and that your company remains in compliance with marketplace tools.

Grow Your Company with a PEO and Workforce Ready

The Human Capital Management tools that come with LBMC Employment Partners and Workforce Ready can be tailored to any kind of company. It doesn’t matter if the business is large or small, growing, or in crisis. These tools can be leveraged to reach any kind of business goals.

Are you ready to see what Workforce Ready can do to grow your business? Contact LBMC Employment Partners today for a consultation.