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LBMC Appreciates Our Military Men and Women and Their Families



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By Mindy Vail

LBMC would like to take this opportunity to thank the service men and women, and their families, who sacrifice for our freedom on the home front.

LBMC's Marshall Messamore, who is a twenty three year veteran of the Air Force, wrote the following poem in honor of Memorial Day and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Memorial Day...a day to remember,
The 6th of June, the 7th of December.

Memorial Day...a day to mourn,
For those who died when freedom's born.

Memorial Day...a day to grieve,
For those who died for what we believe.

Memorial Day...a day for praise,
For those now gone with no more days.

but many don’t realize that May 21 was Armed Forces Day, which honors those currently serving. Also, the entire month of May is National Military Appreciation Month. 

With that in mind, the Internal Revenue Service released its annual Armed Forces Tax Guide to help members of the military learn about the many tax benefits available to them. In addition, Accounting Today released an easy to digest slideshow offering some Tax Tips for the Armed Forces Families.

Marshall said that his former boss, Col. Joe Wilson, taught him a valuable recipe for success that he continues to live by today. That recipe is based on the acronym ICARE (Integrity, Commitment, Attitude, Responsibility, Enthusiasm).

  • Integrity - People with integrity tell the truth, and they keep their word. They take responsibility for past actions, admit mistakes, and fix them.
  • Commitment - It's more than a pledge or a promise, it’s the action that makes the reality. An engagement ring is a promise, a wedding ring is a commitment.
  • Attitude - It's more important than facts, the past, the education, the money, the circumstances, the failure, the successes or what other people think or say or do. Your attitude will make or break a situation. Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.
  • Responsibility - Know your job, do your job, know your craft and continue to educate and improve yourself.
  • Enthusiasm - Have fun!

May we all learn from these valuable words and make everyday an outstanding day. Thank you to our veterans, our active military and their families, and those families who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

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