According to research conducted by AccountingWEB, the average staff member or accountant makes 60 trips to a photocopier per week and spends 15 hours per month printing documents.

Your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution has no doubt already given you gains in productivity by streamlining your financial processes. However, like many accounting departments, yours may still be managing stacks of paperwork and documents, hindering your staff from operating smoothly and efficiently.

Switching between paper and data systems not only slows down staff but creates more work for them, including taking time to make photocopies and use intra-office mail to transport documents, further slowing down processes.

Build upon the efficiency already provided by your investment by integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with an enterprise content management (ECM) software.

A document management/AP automation solution that integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can dramatically increase the productivity of your team. When your employees are freed from spending countless hours manually keying-in information, standing by the printer or copier and hand-delivering documents for proper approval, you will see more efficient financial processes which result in extensive ROI.

Integrating your ERP with an ECM solution empowers you to do the following:

Get accurate information from one central location in order to make faster decisions – Integrating Dynamics GP with a robust document management software provides decision-makers with complete visibility into processes, providing audit trails, real-time reporting and executive dashboards.

Eliminate switching between screens to find the right information – Users gain instant access to related content stored in the ECM software without leaving their business application.

Ease the transition to new software – Because uses can access the content housed in the ECM solution directly from their other applications, training is minimal. User acceptance also increases because staff can access needed content from the familiar applications.

Reduce manual data entry – A solid ECM software can instantly update your business applications as soon as it receives information, and in turn, your other applications can update the information stored in it.

LBMC Technology Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you determine the best path forward in integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with document management software. As one of the few IT consulting firms in the country with a full Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP practice, ECM practice, and custom software development practice, LBMC’s consultants can get to know your organization, then draw from each area of expertise to recommend, implement, and support your tailored solution. Contact us to learn more.

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