There’s inventory on hand, there’s minimum quantity levels, there are sales orders pending, there are purchase orders outstanding. With all of that going on, it can be a headache to manage your inventory levels. Fear not! With Microsoft Dynamics GP, all of that inventory data can be captured in the system and (wait for it), you can have the system suggest orders for you!

In all seriousness, with GP’s PO Generator feature, the system itself looks at your on hand quantities, your min/max levels that you have set for each item, any POs that are open from your vendors (ie, more inventory on its way) and orders that your sales reps no doubt have coming in like crazy. Once GP (and not you) looks at all that data, it offers a screen of suggested purchase orders to get your inventory levels into perfect harmony. You get the chance to review, approve and voila – you’re ready to send the POs off to your vendors.

Sound exciting? Would you like to discuss more about how it works? Let us know and we can help.

GP’s PO Generator feature,