Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Security have you pulling your hair out? While Security Setup can be complicated, it is with good reason. Not all GP users need access to everything. Typically, a good practice is to deny access to administrative tasks or module setup to end-users that perform transactional type entries. Security is defined by roles and each role is made up of tasks. The tasks contain the different windows, reports, files and resources a user has access to within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The role is assigned to the user. Trying to figure out what all of the different tasks are assigned to the role, can be a daunting task! Although, once you have it right, it can sure make your life easier!

Whether you have not cleaned up Security since you first implemented the system, you would like to understand it better or you want to streamline the process, we can help with all of these. Contact us today and let us show you how.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Security