Microsoft has been previewing it’s next version of Dynamics 365 and the buzz is this will be a very significant release.   While the details have not been officially announced, social media has been overloaded with feedback on what was this update will likely offer.  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set the stage for the tone in November 2016 where he commented on product accessibility being a top priority at Microsoft.  It appears the Microsoft Development Team took this to heart, highlighting new a new interface and other exciting details.

Here are highlights on some of our favorite elements.

New Unified UI

The new interface has given Microsoft Dynamics 365 a major facelift. According to Microsoft, the interface will be shared across phone, tablet, and the web, and it will look a lot slicker and pretty similar to the design of Salesforce. It provides these new features to make it more user friendly:

  • Borders around containers and uniform spacing
  • Color theme, uniform page structuring
  • Field controls styling
  • Text wrapping fix
  • Font standardization
  • Theme capabilities


The activity pane on the contact record typically isn’t very configurable. With the new Unified Interface, you can now get a new control to replace this called timeline control. The system can now display combined activities in one single view, rather than have multiple sections for posts, notes, and activities. There are some limitations though; Yammer isn’t supported on the Unified Interface, so it will not show up here. Knowledge Base search also won’t show up, but it can be added separately as another control. Here are the features of activities:

  • Ability to configure whether activities, posts, and notes show up in timeline or not
  • Ability to configure what activities display
  • Ability to configure what fields display for each activity type
  • Ability to configure activity sorting based on the fields

Universal Scheduling

It appears Microsoft is bringing the Scheduling Engines for Field Service, Project Service, Sales and Customer Service together as one. Users can now add a skill to a product and then schedule a resource based on matching criteria on related cases. Here are some more things to know about Universal Scheduling:

  • Fetch SML/Developer experience
  • Opened up for JavaScript, CSS, Localization extension points
  • Can set filters to read only
  • Can hide filters, yet still have them included in search

Multi-Select Option Sets

This seems to be something that everyone was waiting for, and it’s very self-explanatory. There is now a new field type with a multi-select option set. When creating a record and ticking the boxes for the multi-select set, it will show on the form separated by semicolons. You can also set Advanced Finds to match on one result or all results.

But wait, there’s more…

There are so many great features, and we don’t want to leave anything out. So here is a quick list of some additional features that are in the 9.0 release. Which is your favorite?

  • D365 Enterprise Edition – revamped user interface
  • New interactive dashboards with new UI
  • New activity timeline feature to replace Social Pane.
  • Customer service hub – replacing interactive service hub
  • Rich email editor – HTML support for email templates
  • New universal scheduling – advanced resource scheduling across the platform
  • Enhancements to Live Assist – built in customer service chat
  • New unified interface will be available

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