With the Microsoft Dynamics GP release in October 2019, a new support initiative was put in place, called the Modern Lifecycle.

This new Modern Lifecycle shows that Microsoft, more than ever, has a continued commitment to the Dynamics GP product and has provided a clear roadmap for what customers can expect going forward. 

Let us help you break this down and explain what it means to you.

This means that they’ve done away with the 5-year Mainstream Support on versions released on/after October 2019.  In this new support model, customers will now be encouraged to stay current with new releases and apply at least one update per year if at all possible.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015        Mainstream Support end date 4/14/2020
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016        Mainstream Support end date 7/13/2021
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018*        Mainstream Support end date 1/10/2023
*Version 18.00.0727 and prior (anything prior to October 2019 release)

With that being said, if a customer has not applied an update in 2 years, Microsoft has said they will not refuse support to someone on an older version unless they have a data integrity issue.

As long as you remain current on your annual enhancement, the Modern Lifecycle policy will include at a minimum: a rich feature release in October, the usual November and December year-end updates, and a mid-year update depending on regulatory changes.

Don’t fret, these updates won’t happen automatically.  The decision of when the update is installed will still be at your discretion.

Contact your Strategic Account Manager if you still have questions or if you would like to learn how our new VisionFlex plan can provide yearly upgrades to stay on the newest version.