If you’re selling to a large company with a lot of branches or subsidiaries, you should definitely take a look at National Accounts in Dynamics GP. 

At my prior company, I worked as an accountant using GP and we had several major retail stores on our customer list, including Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Let’s say 50 individual stores would order goods from us, so they were all set up as separate customers in GP.  So far, so good.  The challenge came in when Lowe’s Corporate sent us a check to pay for the goods for all 50 stores – they were not all the same customer, so we had to set up and start utilizing National Accounts.

The corporate office was set up as the parent account with all of the stores underneath it as “children”, what this allowed me to do was apply the corporate payment to any child customer invoice in GP.  It was extremely easy to manage and operate and saved me a ton of headache and wasted time.

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