Cars are a necessity for many individuals. Not only do cars help us get from point A to point B, but they can be excellent business tools and even collector’s items. No matter the reason for owning a vehicle, car insurance is a must to protect yourself and others. In fact, many states require automobile owners to have car insurance. While no one ever wants to anticipate having a car accident, they do occur—and often when we least expect it. So, when looking for auto insurance, it’s important to know the right questions to ask, as well as what types of coverage options are best.  

Liberty Mutual believes insurance should ease your concerns, not cause them. After all, what good is insurance if you have to worry about using it? Having the confidence that you're covered today can help you stay ahead of the unexpected, whether that’s damage from a rogue shopping cart or something more serious.

Every Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance policy begins with valuable protection against costs associated with injuries to others and damage to their property if you are legally responsible for a car accident. From there, Liberty Mutual offers options to cover the cost of damage from collision and non-collision related incidents. When you create a customized quote, you'll be able to choose the coverage types and amounts that make the most sense to you.

We know you work hard. That's why Liberty Mutual has partnered with LBMC Employment Partners to offer PEO members special savings on quality auto and home insurance. And with benefits such as Loss Forgiveness1 and Accident Forgiveness2, and discounts such as Multi-Policy and Protective Devices, you’ll worry less and save more. With our Preferred Payment Discount, you may be eligible to save an additional 7.5% on your auto insurance when you pay your bill through payroll deduction.* No down payment required.

To learn more about Liberty Mutual or get a no-obligation quote, call Anthony Trepka at 615-371-6471 ext. 55532 or visit Liberty Mutual.

1Subject to eligibility requirements. Benefits and eligibility requirements may vary by state. 2Accident Forgiveness is subject to terms and conditions of Liberty Mutual’s eligibility guidelines. Not available in CA and may vary by state.

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