For small business owners, caring for the needs of employees is a top priority. Not only do business owners want to attract and retain the best possible talent, but they also desire to offer their staff members as many benefits and resources possible. And while a small business might not always have the same luxuries as larger companies, they can enlist the services of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to provide valuable benefits that will help employees have the best possible quality of life for themselves and their families.

Among those services, PEO companies can provide to businesses is easy to access to discounted employee benefits programs that rival the quality and flexibility of benefits plans typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Benefit Options Available Through a PEO

Negotiation of Contract Variables and Rates 

A PEO can relieve the stress involved with negotiating contract variables and rates. Through up-to-date analysis of industry trends, a PEO can make sure you are properly positioned with the best possible variables and rates.

Tailor-Made Healthcare Packages

Healthcare is likely the number one concern for employees when it comes to benefits. A PEO provider can do the research and shopping needed to make sure small businesses have the best possible healthcare options and pricing for employees and their families.

High-Level Customer Service

PEOs take the load off human resources managers for small businesses when it comes to answering questions and providing solutions to employees who have HR or benefits-related inquiries. They can provide quality customer service and properly reduce or manage any issues that might arise.

Ongoing Counsel 

To ensure your company’s benefits are cost-effective, a PEO can provide ongoing counsel to small business owners so that they can provide employees with the best possible packages. PEOs can also handle and offer wisdom for billing reconciliation from providers.

Employee Attraction and Retention

For small businesses, attracting the best possible talent is key to their long-term success. Even more, preventing high turnover rates is something every company wants to avoid. A PEO company can help small businesses compete for the top candidates.

Health and Wellness Support 

Through exercise and weight-management programs, a PEO can help supply small businesses with opportunities for their employees to stay healthy and active. When employees are in good health, they will have a higher level of productivity and a reduction in absences or time away from work.

So, are you ready to join a powerful PEO? Contact us today to discuss how LBMC Employment Partners can help your business offer the best benefits packages possible.

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