COVID-19 has brought change after change to every business in the country. Whether your business has increased, decreased, or moved to remote work, these shifts can add significant amounts of stress and work to your team. Your employees look to your company to take care of them and guide them through this quickly changing time, so you need all hands-on deck.

But, it’s difficult to give all your attention to your employees’ needs and your core functions, especially when you’re trying to balance other operations as well—all while hoping nothing slips through the cracks.

That’s where a professional employer organization (PEO) comes in.

How a PEO Can Help

Here are a few ways that joining a PEO can help you support your employees without spreading yourself too thin.

1. Payroll Changes

Changes to your payroll during COVID-19 may be more dramatic than you have previously experienced. Whereas before, you may have hired or terminated employees periodically, now, you may have payroll changes for several employees at one time. We take payroll off your hands so that you can be sure that the adjustments are accurate and that payroll is processed on time. You can rest knowing that your employees are paid and that any modifications here on out (as your business continues to evolve throughout and after COVID-19) will be taken care of quickly.

2. Changes to Benefits

Whether you’re hoping to offer your employees better benefits for a lower price, or you want to attract new talent to ramp up your business, having a PEO on your side allows you to offer large-scale benefits, no matter the size of your company. You will also have a benefits representative who can walk you through options to fit your employees’ changing needs.

3. Employee Questions

Another benefit of being part of a PEO is that your representative will be there to answer all your employees’ questions throughout the process. As your company changes, the PEO is flexible and informative, changing with you and keeping your employees informed every step of the way. This transparency and responsiveness helps employees to feel supported by your company and allows them to make the best decisions for themselves when it comes to benefits and other HR-related needs.

4. Compliance Expertise

PEOs are experts in compliance when it comes to regulations such as COBRA, HIPAA, OSHA, ERISA, and others. A PEO knows what needs to be done to keep your company in compliance, preventing you from having to worry about making an unintentional misstep. You can also rely on your PEO for all compliance-related questions and concerns as they arise.

5. Employee Access to HR Information

When it comes to LBMC Employment Partners’ PEO, each of your employees will have access to their own portal. This system empowers them to stay up to date on their payroll, benefits, and other company-related elements, such as employee handbooks. All your employees’ information will live in one place, allowing for quick reference and saving time for everyone on your team.

Contact us today to learn how LBMC EP can take HR-related tasks off your plate so that you can focus wholly on your business’ changing needs.

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