In this political landscape, it’s a perfect time to evaluate wealth planning tax priorities post-election.  What key considerations should be top of mind? Alan King walks us through Biden’s proposed tax plans, important dates, and planning opportunities to consider now to minimize taxes in the future.


  • Explain the potential bottom line impact to business and individual tax payer.
  • Describe possible bipartisan legislation that may occur between now and end of the year.
  • Examine the timeline for possible tax reform. .
  • Describe the state of the economy and why a tax increase is likely to occur.

On-Demand Webinar Duration: 57:01


  • Alan King, CPA

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  1. Tax Law Changes after Elections
  2. How America’s Finances Work
    • Budget Deficit
    • Budget Surplus
    • Cost of Stimulus Packages
  3. Tax Law 101
  4. Tax Policy Comparison
  5. State Considerations
  6. Planning Opportunities
  7. Top 5 Questions to ask your CPA

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