We provide solutions in a timely manner to complex problems and we do that in a very personable way as we work with clients in the middle market.


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Introducing LBMC's Private Equity Services

We serve private equity in a vast number of fronts. From the formation of acquisition entities on the front end of a purchase of a company all the way through to the very end of liquidation or the divestiture of an investment by a private equity group. And pretty much all things in-between. There’s one primary thing that helps our firm stand out in that we have a much wider range of service offerings and experience to accompany a very deep breadth of service.

The major industries served by LBMC include healthcare, manufacturing, services, and retail. We provide services ranging from transaction advisory, audit, tax consultation. We also have a very expansive cybersecurity offering. When people work with LBMC, they can expect a high level of expertise, integrity and timeliness, day in and day out.

You need a partner like LBMC.