Today, more than ever before, the need for cybersecurity is extremely critical. A large part of protecting your organization involves regular risk assessments and remediation. Security risk assessments are essential to arming your organization with the information it needs to fully understand your risks and compliance obligations.

Risk assessments provide strong foundations for risk-management decisions, and with the new BALLAST risk assessment tool, companies of all industries and sizes can easily evaluate and manage security risks for one or hundreds of locations. BALLAST’s IT security risk assessment tool improves the process, moving you quickly through the assessment phase to tracking remediation and managing risks.

In this CIO Applications magazine article, LBMC Information Security’s Mark Fulford affirms the importance of real-time risk assessment and remediation practices. Fulford also introduces the BALLAST risk assessment tool that helps organizations automate their risk assessments, create and track remediation activities, and provide real-time reporting through intuitive dashboards.

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