We know firsthand how tight this labor market is. As unemployment has dropped, finding and retaining the right talent is increasingly important. Stabilizing turnover can help reduce stress on productivity and budgets.

Many companies have grown accustomed to accepting churn as a natural cost of doing business. However, turnover begets turnover and can lead to a real mess. Your bottom line can be improved by offering tools and programs that successfully reduce stress on teams, boost employee morale, and increase retention. We asked employees why they are happy or what is missing in their current role and below are items we heard consistently:

  • Wellness Programs – stipend gym memberships, rewards for healthy habits, healthy/quick food options available in the office, nutritionists
  • Women’s Initiatives – speakers, group outings, book clubs
  • Professional Development – speakers on relatable topics, ongoing training
  • Mentorship – this is the #1 request/desire from hungry candidates, and it is essentially free
  • Tokens of Appreciation– free PTO day, gift cards around holidays, public acknowledgement of a job well done
  • Community Service – company-wide service days, company partnerships with local charities

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