As a business decision-maker, you wonder if investing in business intelligence technologies can generate results in your organization.

Self-service BI allows team members to consume and analyze large amounts of data. This typically utilizes only a desktop or Web-based software solution and often requires little to no IT involvement.

5 Key Ways Self-Service Business Intelligence Can Help You

1. Confront the facts.

Data analysis can make the difference between success and failure. Equip your business leaders to make well-informed decisions based on accurate and honest analysis, even if the truth hurts.

2. Leverage data.

Information is available now that can shrink your decision-making time from weeks to days, or even minutes. From public perception of your goods and services to competitive and benchmark data and more, lack of data is no longer a barrier. Use it.

3. More than cool tools.

Today’s self-service BI solutions deliver more than just a pretty dashboard. They are rich with analytic features that equip your financial and operational analysts to identify patterns you’ve never seen before. This can dramatically improve your situational awareness.

4. Partner with IT.

Too many tools with little control and oversight by IT can later lead to huge costs. Today’s self-service BI solutions provide IT the oversight and migration path IT professionals require in today’s enterprise architectures.

5. Channel the river.

Employees want to do their jobs well. A self-service BI solution can channel a mighty river, harnessing the power of data analytics to make a smart team brilliant.

How do you leverage data to create results? Provide the proper tools to the people you’ve entrusted to manage your organization. That’s an intelligent business.