Enterprise Content Management has come a long way in the last ten years. More and more organizations are moving to an ECM platform to capture, secure, and retain all data within their environment.

The internal efficiencies gained by doing so are numerous and in many cases, obvious. So what’s the next step?

For many organizations, it’s extending their ECM platform out to their customers, constituents, subcontractors, or vendors. Luckily, OnBase by Hyland provides a suite of tools and functionality to do just that.

    • Drag and drop external portals
    • Point and click configurable electronic forms that can be exposed to the outside world
    • Point and click configurable web services
    • A full-featured and easy to work with API
    • Easily securable web client access

These are just a few of the tools OnBase makes available to extend your processes outside of your own walls.

Our topic for today, the OnBase External Access Client portal, allows organizations to quickly and easily create and deploy full self-service portals for almost any third-party. Here are just a few of the ways we’ve seen External Access Client portals in use:

Vendor Management

With the OnBase External Access Client, organizations can quickly and easily set up a self-service portal for Vendor Management. New vendors can submit new vendor applications and documentation via electronic forms that walk them through the process. Once submitted, the portal provides a centralized location for vendor applicants to submit additional required paperwork, view the status of their application, read and acknowledge corporate policies, and finalize the on-boarding process. For existing vendors, the portal is a great way to collaborate on new or expiring contracts, view the status of existing invoices, request changes for the vendor relationship, or update existing vendor requirements such as certificates or compliance data.

Insurance Agents or Policy Holders

OnBase External Access Client can be used to quickly and easily create an insurance agent portal for those agents who are out in the field or may be subcontracted. This portal allows the creation or update of new applications or claim data, quickly see the status of existing claims, submit new claims or policyholder data, or submit policyholder changes back to corporate. Policyholders can perform renewals through electronic forms and documents exposed to them via the portal. Documents generated in-house such as certificates of insurance or endorsements can easily be delivered back to outside agents or policyholders, while also providing them a self-reliant method to go back and view historical information.

HR Applications and On-boarding

Human Resources departments are increasingly desiring the ability to provide self-service functionality to new applicants during the employment application and onboarding process. Applicants can complete electronic applications from an outside web page, which submit directly into the OnBase environment to leverage existing workflows and processes. Once interviewed, approved, and offered, the HR onboarding portal is a great place to continue collecting and distributing the documents and information needed to complete the on-boarding process.

It’s Still OnBase…

The best thing about all of these solutions, or the many other portal solutions we haven’t touched on, is that they’re all a part of the OnBase environment. Interaction with outside parties may happen on the portal, but behind the scenes, it is still OnBase doing the work. Complex automated workflows, data-driven applications, automatic document generation, automated follow up logic and notifications both inside and outside the organization, and complex back-end integration with your organization’s existing applications are already a part of the system…meaning they’re already a part of your portal solution as well.

If you’re ready to give your company a competitive advantage in content management, please contact us for more information.