Service: Employee Benefits

We do more than negotiate your employee benefits packages. We navigate the complex world of healthcare reform, & offer a fully-customized wellness program.

Employee Benefits Communication

When it comes to keeping your employees up to speed on important human resources-related information, how can you improve your communications plan so that they are sure to be properly informed? Consider these tips.

Why You Need Home Insurance

You may already know you need home insurance if you have a house or are going through the process of purchasing a house, but have you asked why you need it?

Managing a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There are many ways to encourage employees during the workday. Help your employees maintain health by encouraging them to move during the day while at work. If they are remote employees, encourage them to set up a routine.

Correctly Classifying Your Workers

Determine the right classification of your workers to avoid substantial penalties, fines, and attorney/accounting fees.


Rebekah Harney