Service: GDPR Compliance

LBMC Information Security’s recognized information security experts understand at a deep level how to maintain compliance with a range of complex security frameworks, including GDPR compliance.




GDPR: How does it affect your business?

Is your business affected by GDPR? If you have customers, whether B2B or B2C, the answer is most likely. Read on to find out how GDPR can affect your organization.

PODCAST: GDPR and Preparing for DSARs

In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Drew Hendrickson shares some considerations for how to prepare and respond when a customer chooses to request action on one of their new rights under GDPR.

Why the GDPR Should be on Your Radar

LBMC Information Security outlines how the GDPR will impact cybersecurity in the United States and how it differs from current industry regulations.

PODCAST: Does GDPR Apply to Me?

In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Drew Hendrickson explains GDPR, how it can apply to you, and why GDPR compliance matters.

Webinar: GDPR—What You Really Need to Know

In this webinar, join LBMC Information Security Shareholder Drew Hendrickson, as he shares insights on the E.U.’s new GDPR regulation and outline ways your organization can be GDPR ready.