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HIPAA Security Compliance and OCR Audits

Here are the basics for you to keep in mind as you examine the rules and make your decisions about getting ready for the upcoming OCR audits.

Beware: Myths about Data Security and HIPAA Compliance

A critical first step in putting a compliant data security solution in place is separating fact from fiction. This article covers four common misassumptions you’ll want to know.

OCR Audit Preparation Checklist for Healthcare

The OCR HIPAA Audit program is designed to analyze processes, controls, and policies of selected covered entities and business associates. The OCR has established a comprehensive audit protocol that contains the requirements to be assessed through these performance audits.

Top 5 Myths About Healthcare Security Compliance

The idea that physical security is not at as high a risk of being hacked is one of the biggest myths when it comes to healthcare security compliance. But that’s not all, read on for more.

IT Compliance Management: A Holistic Approach

As IT compliance experts we take a holistic approach when delivering our services. Our team members draw on insider industry knowledge to help you achieve IT compliance management in a way that is practical and relevant to your organization.

Healthcare Security: 5 Ways to Safeguard PHI Data

The healthcare industry needs to accept that it is on them to anticipate these threats, and to adequately prepare for them. This article covers five security tips for healthcare organizations.