Employee Spotlight: Michael Lagan

LBMC Technology Solutions continues to grow our team, and we would like to welcome Michael Lagan, who is our newest member of the Network Engineering team.

The Importance of Great Project Management

The Project Manager role is a critical factor in the delivery of any product or service. This article covers seven critical responsibilities of a project manager.

Building a Mobile App Using Xamarin Forms

With all of the app development platform options available, it’s important to understand your needs and choose the platform that best suits you. Do you know where to start?

WannaCry – What Was the Big deal?

The WannaCry infections remained dormant until the malware author felt enough devices were infiltrated. Once WannaCry was activated, it quickly spread to reportedly more than 100 countries in less than 24 hours.

Ransomware: Advancing to the Next Level

Ransomware is arguably the most devastating cybersecurity threat that organizations have ever faced, and it is not like other typical cybersecurity threats. LBMC has partnered with leading law firms to discuss the technical and legal issues revolving around ransomware.