LBMC’s Post-Acute Care Consulting Team of experts assist with the coordination of care among ambulatory, acute and post-acute care (PAC) providers from an operational perspective.


Operating without a Manual

Many hospitals are turning to outside organizations to guide them in the development and management of their post-acute care (PAC) strategy.

How hospitals can forge effective ties with nursing homes

In the new world of value-based health care, success for hospitals increasingly depends on partnering with nursing homes and other post-acute-care providers that can play a big role in improving a patient’s overall quality of care.

Selecting and Reporting MIPS Measures

Which MIPS measures should your organization report? What do you need to do to prepare for MIPS? This article discusses both answers.

Does my physician practice qualify for MIPS/MACRA?

LBMC can assist in the selection and reporting of MIPS measures that: drive most important outcomes for your practice, are well aligned with your clinical workflows and are not burdensome to capture and report via existing resources.