Service: Recruiting Services

LBMC Staffing Solutions focuses on the unique needs of the candidates and the employers to make sure they are the “right fit.” Our recruiters have work experience in the disciplines for which they recruit.

What is a Performance Achievement Plan?

Performance Achievement Plans, in place of traditional employee evaluations, work best when they are an integral part of an employee achievement workplace culture.

Top Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

It’s important through the interview process to not only ask the standard interview questions, but to ask questions that reveal the emotional intelligence of a candidate.

Secure a Position in Today’s Competitive Market

If you are looking to impress the hiring manager for a coveted position in your next interview, keeping these steps in mind might help you present yourself as a top candidate and secure a position.

How to Select the Right Employee

The time you spend on selecting the right employee for a job can really pay you back when you use good selection techniques.

Seven Tips to Gain More From Employees’ Talents

A highly skilled workforce, given opportunities to use their talents, will use their creative abilities to drive your organization’s profits higher. What can you do to encourage them?

Happy Employees = Increased Retention

Your bottom line can be improved by offering tools and programs that successfully reduce stress on teams, boost employee morale, and increase retention. This article highlights areas employees are happy with and what they say is missing in their role.

Show them the Money: A Strong Offer Benefits Everyone

A strong offer assures candidates that their prospective employer sees their value/worth and illustrates this with a substantial package that is fair and compensates them for their experience and background.