Service: Risk Assessments

LBMC designs its cybersecurity risk assessments to provide you the information needed to fully understand your risks and compliance obligations so they are not tedious, administrative tasks, but in fact, they are strategic drivers of success when performed, maintained and managed properly.

Manufacturers Protect Against Cyber Attacks

It is important to remember that cybersecurity is not just the responsibility of the IT department within an organization. Everyone in the company can (and should) play a part in protecting against threats and helping to avoid malware infections and cyber breaches.


Healthcare Security: 5 Ways to Safeguard PHI Data

The healthcare industry needs to accept that it is on them to anticipate these threats, and to adequately prepare for them. This article covers five security tips for healthcare organizations.

Three Steps to Creating Strong Passwords

This article will give you the confidence to say that you never forget your passwords, they are unique to every site and virtually impossible to hack.



Developing an Effective Security Awareness Program

An effective security awareness program must have a variety of communication methods. Six of these highly important topics which will be covered in this article are physical security, password security, phishing, malware, wireless security, and safe internet browsing.