Speed Growth with Budget and Planning Software

If your growing business still uses spreadsheets for budgeting and planning, you know how frustrating life in finance can be. Perhaps these challenges sound familiar:

  • To collaborate, you send multiple versions of spreadsheets to numerous people—only to end up with various conflicts. 
  • Data entry takes endless hours and breaks the spreadsheets.
  • Change control leads to endless versions (does version sound familiar?). 
  • Security is nonexistent because everyone can see everything.
  • What-if analysis means formula errors, reporting errors, and late nights.

You’re so busy putting out daily fires; you have no time to plan for the next six to 12 months and develop a long-term growth strategy. If spreadsheet nightmares are haunting you and your finance team, It may be time to consider budgeting and planning software. 

From chaos to collaboration and control

With budgeting and planning software, you know who updated the budget and when—no more versioning nightmares. Your team can efficiently and freely collaborate in one application on the right plan. Your department heads can build or edit their budgets, and present their plan or budget options to senior management.

What’s more, it’s easy to create and save multiple what-if scenarios by changing drivers and assessing the potential impact on your business. Then you can drill down into the details for further insight.

Sensitive data is also more secure as it no longer exists in multiple spreadsheets and emails across the organization. Moreover, user-level security lets you limit access to budgets and payroll data.

Kickstart your budgeting and planning with LBMC

Your competition is moving fast, and you need to move more quickly by switching from spreadsheets to cloud-based budgeting and planning software. The consultants at LBMC will work with you to select, design, implement, and support a technology solution to help your rapidly growing business.

Success won’t wait, so it’s essential to begin planning today. One resource to help get you started is our Hot Topic training event. It will focus on getting the most value from Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning Software. Scheduled for September 10th and 12th, this can’t-miss training is free to our LBMC Support Services Plan subscribers.

Also, as a trusted implementation expert, we’re pleased to support other resellers with our Partners Helping Partners program. We complement their services with our advanced implementation and training expertise—a win-win for everyone.

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