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Cybersecurity and Employee Benefit Plans

Employee benefit plan sponsors have a fiduciary duty to ensure participant information and plan assets are protected from cyber threats and that there is a plan to respond to a data breach and mitigate any associated damages.

A Proposed New Look for ERISA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Reports – Part 1

The Auditing Standards Board, which is an AICPA committee tasked with creating new auditing standards, has proposed a new Statement on Auditing Standards, AU-C Section 703, Forming An Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements of Employee Benefit Plans Subject to ERISA.

Top ways to keep 401(k) plan in compliance

Now is the time to make sure your company’s retirement plan is in order and can sustain a rigorous Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service review.

How companies can prepare for a 401(k) audit

One important requirement that leaders of growing companies need to stay on top of is that they must have their 401(k) plans audited if they have more than 100 participants.