A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) can be greatly beneficial to your business or organization, optimizing your human resources needs and alleviating the complexities of employee management. As a PEO member with a trusted company like LBMC Employment Partners, your business can be part of a larger network that offers large scale benefits to your employees. One added value of enlisting LBMC EP’s PEO services is the expertise and guidance on Social Security, Medicare, disability, and retirement benefits with FEDlogic. So, who is FEDlogic, and what types of assistance do they offer to PEO members? Here’s a brief introduction.

Who Is FEDlogic?

FEDlogic started in 2015 when Frank Cardenas, an almost 10-year veteran with the Social Security Administration and his wife, Elizabeth Cardenas, decided that there was a large gap in information from the federal government and the people they serve. Since the federal government is not allowed to advise families on how to maximize benefits, services like FEDlogic are essential to helping them with federal benefits, including Social Security, retirement, disability, and Medicare (just to name a few).

What Services Does FEDlogic Offer?

Through its employer-servicing model, FEDlogic offers families a trusted point of contact with our experts for help in understanding, maximizing, applying for, and maintaining their federal benefits. FEDlogic consults with families using a phone-based consultation model, so that they can discover all potential benefits available. FEDlogic answers questions and provides filing techniques and assistance. FEDlogic experts also work with corporate clients who desire to educate their workforce, which saves business owners money and, most importantly, helps a family navigate benefits situations at their greatest time of need.

Why the FEDlogic partnership with LBMC EP?

FEDlogic is a product of LBMC EP partner Ron Perry’s business relationship with Frank Cardenas. Understanding the need for expertise in the areas of helping families navigate the complexities of benefits programs involving Social Security, retirement, Medicare, and so much more, Ron encouraged Frank to create a business offering this highly needed expertise. Ron and LBMC were the first clients to engage FEDlogic's services. Fast forward two years, and FEDlogic is now the premier provider of Social Security and Medicare expertise to families, tax, investment, and benefit firms, and more than 200 corporate clients. Ron recognized the need and paved the way for Frank and his wife to bring this information to those in need. The rest, as they say, is history.

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