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Let’s talk about defining truly intelligent case management. The basic premise of this capability is to establish a baseline. At the heart of any case management initiative is the concept of putting the right information into the right people’s hands in a timely manner.

Right information

The information must be accurate, correct and complete. Without this basic starting point, any information system will soon fail the needs of its end users.

In the right people’s hands

As with any presentation, you have to truly know your audience. The same holds true for any information system. A solid understanding of each knowledge worker’s informational needs lies at the core of providing them the information either at a detailed level to perform their daily tasks or to provide the information at a more summary/aggregate level in order to make departmental and/or corporate decisions. In addition, that information must be provided in the context/format which makes the most sense for that user.

Timely manner

Information does have a shelf life. Making decisions based upon old/outdated data can be just as lethal as decisions that are based upon inaccurate or incomplete data. A solid understanding of an organization’s data/information processing is crucial here. How much lag time (also known as latency) is incurred between the time that data is captured in transaction processing systems (TPS) to when it is reported in Business Intelligence (BI) systems must be factored into any information management solution.

Intelligent Case Management

Now, let’s specifically discuss the concepts at the heart of Intelligent Case Management.

    1. Information must be provided to users in near real-time speed. Notice the “near” real-time distinction as there will always be some delay in data processing times.
    2. The solution must be immediately intuitive. By intuitive I mean that there is absolutely no need for training end users in order for the solution to be immediately useful.
    3. A true intelligent case management solution provides a collaboration platform for end users to “collectively” resolve highly complex cases. For the more difficult cases, end users must be provided with an easy to use forum for seeking out the advice of more experienced workers, no matter where they may be. The sharing of ideas, solutions, etc. can foster an environment of constant learning and improvement.
    4. The solution must include some analytical tools for complex data analysis. General business intelligence tools integrated into these case management solutions can facilitate the creation of detailed reports, dashboards, what-if analyses, forecast projections and models, etc. to enable end users to work smarter, not harder. The concept of “big data”, where massive volumes of data must be processed and analyzed, are far beyond most user’s levels of comprehension and most critical organizational decisions can’t be left to “gut instinct”.

In summary, intelligent case management solutions take the core concepts present in traditional case management and provide fully collaborative platforms combined with robust analytical data analysis.

If you’d like to see how one company intelligently implemented Case Management to manage their complex, changeable processes to provide employees with a complete view of all work and process status, dramatically improve task management, and enable rapid application rollout, download the case study now!!

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