There are three Hyland OnBase ECM modules that we believe “fly under the radar” a little bit. This article details these modules: Virtual Print DriverApplication Enabler, and Outlook Integration, that, in our opinion, are vastly under-utilized by many organizations that own them.

1. The Virtual Print Driver Module

One of the oldest, yet most effective, modules in the OnBase world, the Virtual Print Driver allows you to “print” a copy of anything you’re working with directly into Hyland OnBase.  It works just like any other printer on your workstation, but rather than a piece of paper spitting out of your printer, you are simply presented with an OnBase import dialog.

Pick your document type, enter your keywords, (and by the way, autofill keyword sets, and keyword scraping with Application Enabler do work here) and click the import button and you’re finished.  You now have an image copy of your document stored in OnBase.

This is extremely useful for importing day-to-day documents from other applications on your PC and can be used to “print” an image copy of web pages into OnBase as documents as well.  In addition, VPD can be used to print “parts” of a document, or pages, just like any other printer.

For example, you have an incoming PDF document.  You want the first 5 pages to be a 5 page black and white TIF of one OnBase document type, while pages 6-8 should be printed in color as another document type.  Easy.  File, print, OnBase Virtual Printer. For print number one, I select pages 1-5 and click print.  For print number two, I select pages 6-8, change to color printing, and click print again. Done!

2. Application Enabler Module

Most people in the Hyland OnBase world know what Application Enabler (AE) is and what it does. (If you don’t, contact us!) Easy, point and click configurable tool for integrating OnBase with third-party applications.  You can scrape keyword values or retrieve related documents.

But, did you know that:

  • You can tell AE to scrape values from the third-party application, create a new Unity form, and fill those values into the form.
  • You can have AE create a new Document Composition document from an MS Word-based template and pre-fill data from the third-party application screen that you’re on.
  • You can retrieve not just a single document or the results of a custom query, but jump directly to a point within an OnBase folder structure.
  • You can have AE take the data values from the third-party system and create a barcode sheet from them.
  • You can embed URLs and hyperlinks into your third-party application that can utilize application enabler to actually handle the interaction with OnBase.  So for example, if you have an existing button or link in your third-party system that says “Get Documents” or something similar, that link can utilize the local install of AE to actually talk to OnBase and show the related documents for the screen you’re on and/or the button you clicked.

And with Application Enabler Live you don’t even have to click on the third-party screen anymore to know if documents are available or not, as it can show you the related document count real time and on the fly as you navigate through the other application.

3. Outlook Integration Module

These days everyone, in every line of business, in every department, lives within their email application.  For those that didn’t know, OnBase integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook (and the rest of the Office suite, but that’s another discussion) to provide OnBase functionality from within your local Outlook client.

Many using Outlook Integration are using it to upload emails and their attachments directly to OnBase.  However, many are not aware that by “pre-configuring” some of your local Outlook personal folders you can drag and drop emails to these folders and have them upload into OnBase without doing any indexing.

Folders can be set for certain keyword or document type values to be static, per folder, and for more information, OnBase can also capture the meta-data of the email and automatically store it in the keywords of the new document.  (Things like Subject Line, To, From, CC, Dates and Times, etc.)  If you already knew this, good!

But in the current releases of OnBase there’s even more functionality:

  • Create, complete, and submit electronic or Unity forms directly from within Outlook
  • Use a system generated email from workflow and do all of your workflow actions directly from within Outlook
  • Search for documents in OnBase to attach to a new email, directly from within Outlook
  • Run Custom Queries, view Envelopes, view Folders and File Cabinets, integrate with Workview applications, enter and interact with Workflow all from within your Outlook client!

Do you use the Virtual Print Driver/Application Enabler/Outlook Integration? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. For more information about Onbase, please visit our OnBase page, or contact us.

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