Even before the  pandemic, many of us were working from home periodically. With much of the workforce now working remotely, the initial concerns were connectivity to resources and collaboration. However, working remotely in a secure manner quickly came to light as a top concern. This webinar will discuss some technology hacks to be more productive, with an emphasis on methods to do so securely to protect your clients and yourself while working remotely.


  • Understand
  • Learn
  • Get a better understanding of your responsibilities to securely work from home

On-Demand Webinar Duration: 1:02:27


  • Bill Dean

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  1. The Basics
    • Protecting your media
    • Passwords
  2. Network Security
    • VPN
    • Protecting your computer
    • Phishing & Ransomware
  3. Computer/ Mobile Device Security
  4. Secure Video Conferencing

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