The October 2019 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), which is one of two major updates released for BC each year, contains a variety of new features that will help end users save time and enhance their access to useful data and shortcuts. These enhancements were driven largely by the requests of users on the Dynamics Experience site. Detailed below are our top ten features in the latest release.

​1. Multi-tasking

You can now open a second page of Business Central in another tab or window so you can do different tasks at the same time in the same company.  With a click of the new banner button in the top right of the screen you are working on, you can open the page in another window and multi-task like a boss.

2. Bookmarks & Personalization

In Business Central version 15, you now have the ability to bookmark pages – screens, reports, and even documentation!  This adds a new navigation link to your Role Center page so you can click back to the link anytime you need to. Bookmarks are also personal to each user, like Personalizations, so they will be present on all your devices and open BC sessions. In addition, you can hide menu items and clear personalizations in this version of Business Central.

3. Carry line descriptions to general ledger entries when posting

Our personal favorite new feature is the ability to carry descriptions entered in subledgers to the related general ledger entries.  This option can be turned on in Inventory Setup, Sales & Receivables Setup, and Purchasing & Payables Setup and the result shows in the description field for General Ledger Entries.

4. Write larger item cross-reference numbers

This issue has come up many times for customers across various industries –long cross reference numbers that are critical on purchases and sales.  The Cross-Reference number field can now hold 50 characters instead of 20.

​5. Save & Personalize List Views

Now you can save your filters as a list view.  For example, if you want to create a view of all customers with a balance due greater than $5000, and you don’t want to type in the filter every time, you can create a saved filter and name it whatever you choose, like, “Customers with Past Due Balances.”  Users can easily add new filters – just select “Save as” to save the applied filter for future use.

​6. Enhanced Report Filtering

Filters have gotten much smarter! The filter experience has been improved to allow for multiple values instead of a single value and you have the ability to add more fields, get help on the filter criteria you’ve specified, and apply expressions.

7. Enhancements to Excel Integration

If you select Edit in Excel from a list page, most of the filters on the page are applied to the data exported to Excel. If you make changes in Excel, the filters are also applied when you publish those changes back to Business Central.  In addition, the number of fields available for the Excel integration have been expanded, even pages added as extensions.

8. Full keyboard shortcut support

What is not to love about keyboard shortcuts? This new functionality will enhance efficiency in a huge way!  For a full list of shortcuts, click here:

​​9. Add notes and links to data

You can capture internal notes on your data which will be shown next to the cards.  You can add, edit, and delete notes and even insert hyperlinks to online content.

10. Longer Timeout Period for the Server Connection

Timeouts are annoying.  With the October 2019 release of BC, you won’t have to sign in again after leaving your desk for a period of time. The previous timeout period was 20 minutes, but that has been increased to 2 hours.

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