Today, businesses are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. At LBMC Employment Partners, we understand the importance of integrated data, and we help our clients manage all of their information with the use of UKG Ready.

UKG Ready is a human capital management (HCM) program that allows employees and HR professionals to access all of their tools and information in one place. When paired with the services of a Professional Employer Organization like LBMCEP, UKG Ready can give your company everything it needs to succeed.

What can UKG Ready do to help my company?

Get Organized

UKG Ready goes above and beyond by integrating all your data, employee files, and HR tools into a singular, user-friendly platform, streamlining the entire HR process. This cohesive system eradicates the need for multiple reference points or versions of truth, instilling confidence in the accuracy of information. Every piece of employee data seamlessly finds its place within a unified database, harmoniously integrated across the breadth of the platform. Managers benefit from a seamless single sign-on experience that grants access to a wealth of information. This includes not only attendance records, time tracking, payroll specifics, and comprehensive employee files, but also the assurance of cloud-based security that permits convenient access from any corner of the world, at any time. This accessibility ensures that the endeavor of managing employee data becomes effortlessly efficient.

Manage Employees

UKG Ready transcends the realm of traditional HR tasks, propelling your HR practices into a new echelon of strategic employee management. The tools it offers are not confined to mere administration but extend into the realm of insightful analysis. LBMC Employment Partners’ adept HR professionals adeptly navigate this realm of data, empowering your business to harness the untapped potential of your workforce. This strategic approach breathes new life into productivity, engagement, and ultimately, the overall growth of your company.

Manage Remote Data and Productivity

In an era where remote work has become the norm, UKG Ready steps up to ease the transition by facilitating the migration of time tracking, productivity metrics, and employee information to the cloud. While this accessibility is valuable for all, it’s particularly indispensable for businesses navigating sudden shifts. To ensure that remote work doesn’t impede productivity, UKG Ready provides a suite of built-in tools designed to keep employees focused, efficient, and on track, regardless of their physical location. Acknowledging the challenges of remote adaptation, LBMC Employment Partners offer remote support, ensuring your company optimally leverages the platform’s capabilities even from a distance.

Support Growth

Growth-oriented companies find in UKG Ready a potent ally. By integrating essential tools for recruitment, onboarding, and training, the platform becomes an indispensable asset for those aiming to expand or rebuild their workforce. These features empower employers to expedite the hiring process while ensuring new hires receive the necessary training to excel. The single sign-on accessibility that characterizes UKG Ready facilitates a seamless journey from recruitment to offboarding, providing the HR backbone needed to support sustained growth.

Optimize Costs

For those burdened by outdated HR practices, UKG Ready’s streamlined approach brings relief. By centralizing and automating HR tasks, it not only minimizes errors but also significantly reduces the time and financial resources invested. While the initial transition might seem like a challenge, the expertise offered by LBMC Employment Partners ensures a smooth adoption of one of the market’s premier HCM software products. The resulting efficiency gains translate into a substantial return on investment that directly impacts your company’s financial health and resilience.

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