Today, businesses are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. At LBMC Employment Partners, we understand the importance of integrated data, and we help our clients manage all of their information with the use of UKG Ready.

UKG Ready is a human capital management (HCM) program that allows employees and HR professionals to access all of their tools and information in one place. When paired with the services of a Professional Employment Organization like LBMCEP, UKG Ready can give your company everything it needs to succeed.

What can UKG Ready do to help my company?

Get Organized

UKG Ready integrates all the data, employee files, and other human resources tools into one easy-to-use platform. With UKG Ready, there is only one reference point and version of truth, so there is no reason to second guess information. All employee data is entered into a single database and then integrated across the entire platform. With a single sign-on to UKG Ready, managers can access everything from attendance and time records to payroll to full employee files. This information all lives in the cloud, where it can be accessed securely from anywhere at any time.

Manage Employees

Human capital management is the new way that companies are taking human resources to the next level. The tools provided by UKG Ready go beyond routine HR tasks. They also provide insights that allow companies to manage their employees more strategically. The HR professionals at LBMC Employment Partners know how to leverage this data to help your business get the most out of its employees.

Manage Remote Data and Productivity

Having information available in the cloud can be valuable for any company, but it is particularly helpful for businesses that have made a sudden transition to remote work. UKG Ready allows companies to seamlessly put all time tracking, productivity, and employee information online for easy access from anywhere. For companies worried about their employees’ productivity at home, UKG Ready also provides built-in productivity tools that help keep workers on track even when they can’t be at the office. LBMC Employment Partners also offers support remotely to help with using the platform.

Support Growth

For companies looking to grow or rebuild, UKG Ready integrates recruiting, onboarding, and training tools. These tools are crucial for employers hoping to hire high-quality employees quickly and provide them with the appropriate training. UKG Ready allows employers and HR departments to manage employees, from recruiting to offboarding seamlessly. Like all of its other tools, employee management is available through a single sign-on to UKG Ready.

Save Money

Many employers using outdated software or managing methods are filled with redundancy and inefficiency. UKG Ready streamlines all HR tasks and eliminates errors, allowing employers to save time and money in the long run. This streamlining process can be a headache at first, but the experts at LBMC Employment Partners are here to help your company get up and running with one of the best HCM software products on the market.

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