Among the many ways that COVID-19 has changed our world, employee healthcare is high on the list. The way our employees connect with their physicians and other medical professionals has shifted dramatically as virtual healthcare visits continue to surge. Some analysts project that telemedicine appointments could even reach one billion by the end of 2020. In response, both companies and their employees are benefiting from virtual access to healthcare. Here are a few of the most common advantages.

Employees spend less time away from work.

Telemedicine allows employees to take appointments wherever they are—without driving to their physician’s office, waiting in a waiting room, and driving home or back to work. The time saved by having a virtual visit cuts down the time that employees spend away from the office or away from home, allowing them to more easily balance their work and personal lives. This balance can lead to higher productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

For employees with children, elderly relatives, or other individuals they care for, telemedicine can decrease the stress they feel when trying to balance work with their at-home responsibilities. As a result, employees can be more present in the workplace and at home, as they will deal with fewer interruptions to their day.

Employees have fewer barriers to visit the doctor.

Virtual appointments have increased the quality of healthcare available to your employees by giving them access to out-of-town physicians and specialists. This keeps employees from needing to take sick days or to sacrifice vacation time to meet their health needs and helps them to prioritize their health. Telehealth also gives employees access to doctors during off hours when their doctor’s office is not open. This eliminates higher cost and unnecessary emergency room visits.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of state orders has been released to increase the accessibility of telehealth appointments. These orders vary by state and you can find each state’s rules in this Advocacy Resources Center assembled by the American Medical Association.

Telemedicine decreases employees’ risk of illness.

Not only does telemedicine decrease employees’ risk of being infected with COVID-19, but it also ensures that they have the healthcare they need to prevent illness. By having fewer barriers standing in their way to visit local or out-of-town physicians, employees will be more apt to take advantage of preventative care. You can do your part by helping your employees understand their virtual healthcare options and how they work with your group insurance coverage.

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