The pandemic drastically altered how our workplaces functions, moving many work tasks virtual. With this new normal it’s important to prevent employees from feeling isolated and disconnected from their coworkers. There are plenty of ways employees can get together for some fun and social interaction to bolster company culture and team connectedness even in a remote environment. As a help, we put together a few ideas for you to consider with your team.

Team Building Activity Ideas

1. Virtual Gatherings

Video conferences don’t have to be reserved for business meetings only. Companies can still meet up virtually for happy hours or icebreaker games via Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. Taking work off the table gives workers a chance to reconnect with teammates they may not have seen in a while. Structure is usually better for these kinds of activities so that employees can have equal time to share and to keep the setting professional. All in all, it’s best to keep these virtual gatherings small and organized.

2. Exercise Activities

During the pandemic many routines were changed and now working from home likely resulted in many employees not returning to their previous exercise routines. Commissioning a daily or weekly virtual exercise class for your employees is a great way to give them time to interact and break up their day with something positive for their health. Many gyms and yoga studios now offer online classes and private sessions for groups, so don’t hesitate to explore some of the many fun wellness options that can be an added benefit to your employees.

3. Create Office Interest Groups

Help your employees find their mutual interests by encouraging the formation of clubs or activity groups. This could be an office book club that meets online or a baking group that swaps recipes over email. Maybe there are quite a few gamers in your office who would be interested in a weekly session. Facilitating non-work activities gives employees a chance to explore their own interests, while still building connections with their coworkers.

4. Get Outdoors

Many workers are accustomed to virtual meetings, so why not switch it up and plan a team picnic or a hike to give workers a chance for some social interaction offline. There are some great resources for you to search for trails in your area. offers a search for trails by activity. offers a search by city feature and will recommend trails located near you on the homepage.

5. Get Competitive

Keep employees engaged and excited with some friendly competition. Online board games or trivia challenges are a great way to bring a team together for something besides work. Lifestyle contests that encourage employees to exercise or try a new activity can also help boost morale.

6. Show Your Appreciation

This new work environment has been difficult for everyone and has left many employees feeling burnt out. Show your employees how much you appreciate their continued dedication with some added perks. Some ideas could include hosting a team lunch with a gift card for a delivery service or giving away extra vacation days during a team-building activity. Any small gesture or added benefits can go a long way in showing employees that their work is appreciated.

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