It’s no secret that the job of a CEO is demanding. It’s difficult for many people to leave work at the door when they get home; it can even keep many CEOs up at night as they worry about the problems they need to solve in the workplace. Here’s a quick snapshot of the main things that keep a CEO awake at night, and also how they can solve some of these problems.

They don’t know what’s going on in their organization.

The job of a CEO is much more difficult when they don’t have immediate and in depth visibility into their company. In the fast paced world we live in, decisions often need to be made very quickly. Not knowing an accurate account of the data and information in a business can prolong decision making and will likely cost a company money in the long run.

Solution: Implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, such as OnBase by Hyland, which gives CEOs quick access to data and information. Keeping everything at a CEOs fingertips without everything being siloed into different places will allow them the opportunity to act fast and have everything that they, and their employees, need to do their jobs in a quick and efficient manner. Making things run smoothly without workarounds is a dream that can easily be a reality with the right ECM system.

They worry about sensitive data being leaked to the wrong people.

In a world where conglomerates like Target and Sony can be hacked, every business is a possible target. This is cause for heartburn for many CEOs as they search for a way to keep sensitive data and information in a secure place where only the correct people have access to it. A breach of data could have an intense impact on the success of your business. Of course this will keep a CEO up at night!

Solution: Implement an ECM system, like OnBase, that will give strict security access to sensitive data to only those that need to see it. By allowing users to have role specific functionality in their accounts, OnBase protects an organization from a breach of sensitive data.

Accurate reporting takes way too long.

Do you dread the time it takes to compile a report of information in your business? You’re not alone; many people feel the same way. By not having an easy to use system for reporting, companies leave themselves open to many problems, including room for user error and extended time for getting final reports.

Solution: Systems like OnBase give CEOs access to analytics that they need to streamline decision making and run their business efficiently. Keeping things in one area allows for greater visibility into the reports that are needed to maintain constant growth for an organization.

CEOs need to implement a content management system, but they can’t afford downtime.

When a CEO recognizes the need for a content management system, they often need to weigh the additional expenses before they decide whether it’s the right time to implement a system. Besides the software, CEOs must account for the downtime, training, and implementation that a new system will require. These things can make the dollar signs multiply…quickly.

Solution: While many systems can be intensive to rollout, OnBase by Hyland has minimal deployment efforts involved in the rollout and can often be done in one month or less. This is substantially quicker than other ECM systems! This means that if they start today, then by this time next month, a CEO can have quick access to data, reports, and security to help their company run more efficiently and safely.

Download this infographic for more information about how OnBase can help CEOs rest easy. 

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