For today’s employers and Human Resources professionals, time is of the essence, as HR-related tasks can require much attention to manage and nurture people in ways that inspire them to succeed. However, LBMC Employment Partners is proud to help clients be successful with HR tasks by offering a full suite of automated, scalable tools that integrate HR, time and attendance, and more through Workforce Ready’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solution by Kronos, Inc. With Workforce Ready, employers can stay competitive and fuel organizational growth—from pre-hire to retire.

Here are just a few of the Workforce Ready platform features and services that canhelp employers make smarter business decisions.

Workforce Ready Platform Features

  • A single employee record—You enter employee data just once in a single database and it’s shared across all applications.
  • A single source of truth—With a common reporting function, there’s no need to combine multiple sources of information. Decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time data.
  • A superior user experience—Your users work in the same interface across all applications, minimizing training and boosting efficiency. Employee self-service and a mobile app allow easy anytime access.
  • Convenient cloud-based delivery—With the cloud, you avoid installation headaches, you’re always on the latest software release, and you only pay for what you use.

Workforce Ready Services

Through a configurable dashboard, Workforce Ready’s HCM solution allows for easy access to accurate employee data across HR, time and attendance, and more with a single view of employee data for simplified and real-time workforce management.Not only can employers effectively engage their workforce, they can find and retain the best talent, gain more time to focus on strategy instead of paperwork, maintain compliance, and streamline processes to boost employee satisfaction and bottom-line results.

Here are two key service areas in which LBMC Employment Partners clients can benefit from Workforce Ready.

Human Resources Management

Workforce Ready’s HR module helps employers store and track employee information in one paperless system to make recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes faster and easier, providing more time for strategic value to your organization. Some of Workforce Ready’s HR management features include:

  • Core HR management
  • Benefits administration
  • Recruitment/talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management/succession planning
  • Position management
  • Compensation management

Workforce Management

When it comes to managing your workforce, Workforce Ready automates and simplifies time and absence management, accruals, leave, and scheduling functions with powerful applications that help you control labor costs and reduce compliance risk. Here are some of the ways Workforce Ready makes workforce management easier:

  • Time and attendance
  • Scheduling
  • Accruals tracking
  • Leave/absence management
  • ACA management & reporting
  • Attestation management
  • Data collection

Interested in learning more about how Workforce Ready can help your organization be more productive? Our team at LBMC Employment Partners is here to help. Contact our HR professionals today!