Entry-Level Accountants

Entry-Level Accountants

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Get to know LBMC at any stage in your college career! Whether you are just beginning your college journey or nearing the end, LBMC offers great opportunities for you to get to know us along the way! If you are a junior or senior, see how an internship with LBMC can provide you the best experience possible for your career growth.

Available Job List for Entry-Level Accountants


An internship with LBMC is a great way to receive the hands-on experience, direction, and networking-building support you will need to be successful in your career. Interning at LBMC can often lead to a full-time position, as well as open the door to numerous opportunities for you at LBMC.

LBMC's Recruiting Process

Meet Us

We strongly encourage you to attend any recruiting events on your campus to get a chance to meet your LBMC campus recruiter! By attending our events, you can get a better feel for the day in the life of an intern, as well as the culture of LBMC and what makes us a Top Work Place!

Job Search

LBMC actively recruits on many campuses in the southeast. We are looking for students who are at least a junior in college working toward a degree in accounting; for our Risk internships, you must be a junior working toward a degree in management information systems, information security, or computer science.

Apply & Review

You will apply directly through your school’s career services portal. Once your application has been received, your credentials will be reviewed to assess whether or not you will be invited to interview with us on campus.

What Next?

If selected to interview, we will first meet with you for campus interviews. If you advance to the second round interviews, they will take place in firm at LBMC and will offer you more insight into who we are and how you can find your fit with LBMC.