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Mission accomplished? Not if limited resources keep you focused on business matters instead of goals.

We provide comprehensive business support and a depth of experience from working with a wide array of not-for-profit organizations. In fact, our not-for-profit professionals participate in ongoing training and best practice groups to stay on top of their not-for-profit game. You get experts who know how to conquer your compliance and accounting challenges. Plus access to the vast resources of the LBMC Family of Companies, which we customize to meet your needs. It’s simply the go-to-solution for your not-for-profit dilemmas.

Not-for-profit organizations we serve include:

  • Private Schools
  • Religious Organizations
  • Health and Human Services Organizations
  • Trade Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities

Not-For-Profit Services

For more information about the services listed above, please consult the directory.

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