Retail, Restaurants / Franchises and Hospitality

Retail, Restaurants / Franchises and Hospitality

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Running a retail store, restaurant/franchise or hospitality company is hard work. Not only do you have to make your business a place people would want to gather, your staff well trained and friendly, your offerings fresh and delicious, you also need to make sure you are running a profitable business. LBMC helps take the stress out by offering a number of services and software options.

CEOs and Business Owners are tasked with the need to analyze their business’ performance quickly, respond to an ever-changing marketplace, and connect with customers. LBMC offers products and services that can relieve your headache. Our team of experts streamlines your business processes to increase your ROI and decrease your overall costs.

Our LBMC Information Security team are fully-vetted Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) with a unique understanding of  Payment  Card Industry (PCI) clients. As a PCI QSA, our comprehensive credentials and services allow us to satisfy your PCI requirements with ease. Unlike others, we’ll ace your penetration testing right off the bat. If audits are required, our professionals conduct them complete with reports to assure Audit Committees and Boards of Directors alike. Our training is up-to-the-minute and our methodologies comply with any and all regulations pertaining to your retail situation. So you never have to be insecure again.

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