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Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and appeals should be submitted in writing from the complainant or appellant.  Submissions should include the following:

  • Complainant or appellant name and contact details
  • Description of the complaint or appeal
  • If available, evidence for the complaint or appeal

LBMC will create a record of the submission to track progress to resolution, and will assign personnel not involved in the original audit activity to:

  • Evaluate and validate whether the claim relates to audit activities.
  • Determine whether a complaint relates to a certified client, then examine the complaint to determine relevance to the effectiveness of the certified management system. Any valid complaint about a certified client will also be referred to the certified client in question.
  • Acknowledge, in writing, receipt of the submission.
  • Investigate the submission, considering all information submitted and all audit documentation.
  • If the investigation extends past 30 days, provide submitter a status update.
  • Review decision with Project Lead or above.
  • Notify submitter, in writing, of decision. The decision will be explained, and any supporting documents provided.  Submitter will also be advised that the response concludes the handling of their submission.

Use of Certification Marks, Logos, and Accreditation Symbols

LBMC issues certification marks corresponding to the relevant standard for which approval has been given, by way of a current Certificate of Accreditation. The certification mark used must correspond to the standard against which the company has been audited and achieved accreditation.  LBMC’s Rules for Use of Certification Mark, Logo, and ANAB Accreditation Symbol policy may be downloaded here.

Certification Requests

LBMC Certification Services makes available upon request limited information about certifications we have issued.  This includes geographical areas in which we operate, as well as the certification status, name, related normative document, scope and geographical locations for our certified clients.  LBMC retains the right to refuse requests based on the requests of our clients.  Submit the form below and one of our professionals will get back to you promptly.