Accounting Today recently published a supplement entitled, “Moving Targets: Security in the age of remote workforce.” In this publication, Ted Needleman interviewed LBMC CIO, Brad Place, and LBMC Shareholder-in-Charge of Information Security, Mark Burnette.  

Trust no one

Mark shared, “Since nearly everyone was working from home, if you had two working spouses in a house, then you have the situation where maybe the spouse could hear the other spouse’s conversations, or maybe they’re sharing the same workspace. And so you’ve got a situation where one person gets up from the desk and all of their papers and things are strewn about the desk and then … the spouse sits down and begins to work. And now that data is compromised because under the rules of confidentiality, in theory, no one should have access to or see data that they don’t have a job need to see. And obviously someone’s spouse, they’re not going to have a job need to see the data they’ve been working on.”

Brad shared, “Rather than setting up a network for their house and doing all that stuff, to make sure they connect securely, we’re going to probably move more towards a zero trust model, where we tell them to go to a particular virtual site, a website, and they’ve got to go through all the authentication, but then everything operates within that website or within that virtual world and nothing communicates [directly] or is stored on the local machine.”

To read the full article, see the full publication: Moving Targets: Security in the age of remote workforce