First, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound during these unprecedented times. We wanted to follow up on the communication yesterday from our CEO Jeff Drummonds and provide a few additional recommendations to enable us to better meet your needs as the situation continues to unfold.

  • Deadline Relief – The Treasury Secretary has indicated there will be relief for taxpayers needing to make payments on the traditional April 15 deadline.  How this relief will impact you depends upon your own specific tax situation, and we are still awaiting official guidance with respect to this relief. Your LBMC tax advisor will be reaching out to you to discuss the impact of this relief with you.
  • Your Tax Information – If you still have tax information to provide to your LBMC tax advisor for the completion of your tax return(s), please do so as soon as possible. Also, we ask you consider the following:
    • Electronic Format – Please make every effort to deliver your information to LBMC electronically by scanning hardcopy documents and/or sending information in an electronic format.  Reach out to your LBMC tax advisor and request a secure link to do so.
    • Courier Services If you are unable to provide electronically and you need to deliver something to LBMC and do not want to leave your home or business, we have secured additional courier services for your convenience. Simply request courier coordination from your LBMC tax advisor.
    • Reception – While our LBMC employees are working remotely, our lobbies will be accessible to reception and you can arrange to leave information at the front desks.

Thank you as always for your support and trust in LBMC.

Cindy Harper, Arthur H. Van Buren, and Justin W. Follis

Tax Practice Leaders, LBMC