Do your risk assessments feel like a waste of time? More often than not, risk assessments are a waste of time for four reasons. First, they are done incorrectly and are not even really risk assessments. Second, our methodologies take way too much time and the process is just inefficient. Third, we often get bad data because our stakeholders are not giving us complete or accurate data. Then, finally, after a very cursory review, the report just sits on the shelf and doesn’t accomplish anything.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mark Fulford, Co-founder of BALLAST, has written a short eBook entitled: 4 Reasons Your Risk Assessment Is a Waste of Time, that covers some simple strategies that will help you avoid these 4 common pitfalls that turn your risk assessments into a waste of time. In the eBook you will learn:

  • How to correctly perform a risk assessment
  • How to make the process more efficient
  • How to obtain accurate data
  • How to develop impactful reporting

Download the FREE eBook today to learn how to correctly perform risk assessments and stop wasting your precious time!

4 Reasons Your Risk Assessment is a Waste of Time

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