Best HR Practices for Talent Onboarding

Technology is a big part of a remote workforce, but as we begin to look to the future, remote workforces – the team and the human capital aspect –become more of a priority. It is estimated that many companies will not return to pre-COVID office levels moving forward.

Duration: 1:01:15

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to transition from being 100% remote to phasing back in
  • The future of the remote workforce as part of your company’s strategy post COVID
  • How to use remote work as a recruiting, attraction and retention tool
  • How to lead and manage with in-office and remote work teams consistently
  • How to create and maintain culture for your total team
  • How to plan for your future remote workforce


  • Sherrie Whatton, President/CEO, LBMC Staffing Solutions
  • Sharon Powlus, President/CEO, LBMC Employment Partners
  • Michelle Endres, Chief People Officer, LBMC, PC
  • Mark Burnette, Shareholder-in-Charge, LBMC Information Security (moderator)