Supporting Community Development

The Client

The Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce, based out of Cleveland, Tennessee, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the business development of 975 members, tourist development, and economic growth of the area, including, but not limited to, programs such as small business, leadership development, allied arts, school-based career development, and staffing for other affiliated organizations. The CBCC is even working on a new industrial park, which will help drive development in the area. There are many areas that the CBCC supports, and it was much needed help when LBMC Employment Partners came on the scene to support them internally.

The Opportunity

Because they touch many areas in the community, daily tasks keep all 13 employees of the CBCC extremely busy. Bernadette Douglas, the current Executive Vice President, began over 35 years ago as a Program Director. She’s seen a lot of growth in both the CBCC and the Ocoee Region of Tennessee. With the wonderful and much appreciated growth came more responsibility, which drove the Chamber to hire more employees. In 2013, Bernadette was looking at inflating costs of health insurance. Being a small business, they needed a way to cut health insurance prices, in addition to other human resources and payroll tasks.

The Solution

Enter LBMC Employment Partners, who asked to stop by and talk with Bernadette in 2013. The benefits of the PEO group were abundant for her and the Chamber board. They embraced the new concept and LBMC EP’s proposal, and have been able to reduce costs with the partnership. Bernadette is thrilled for the help that LBMC EP has brought to her and her team, as she says, “I don’t have to meet with insurance companies. I don’t have to deal with payroll companies.” She realizes LBMC EP has also been a great resource for all HR issues, navigating new regulations, and any employee problem that arises, so much so that she highly recommends LBMC EP to any small, nonprofit organizations struggling in the benefits area. “It’s been a great partnership for us,” says Bernadette.