MetaMorph Logo

Established in 2013, MetaMorph was founded to commercialize DARPA-funded research at Vanderbilt University. They began when Motorola (and later Google) aspired to use their technology to assist in the development of a cutting-edge modular cell phone. The research targets improving the design time and cost of large systems such as aircraft and vehicles by a factor of 5. Since then, MetaMorph has been working to extend these ideas into industrial-strength tools that help companies automate and optimize the design of a variety of complex systems. Their clients include some of the largest Aerospace companies and Department of Defense contractors in the world.

What makes this lean, ambitious firm unique is that everyone works directly with their industry partners to understand their specific needs and challenges and works to create innovative solutions. They are proud to be one of the many technology companies that have been popping up on Music Row in recent years.

The Opportunity

MetaMorph reached out to several colleagues for recommendations, and LBMC Employment Partners kept coming up as a great choice offering an all-encompassing group of services with personalized point people. They are part of LBMC Employment Partners’ Professional Employer Organization (PEO), including human resources services, payroll and payroll tax processing services, etc.

With LBMC Employment Partners being local to MetaMorph’s business, it’s valuable to see the people they work with (at least pre-COVID) regularly, instead of talking to representatives only by phone or email.

The Solution

What makes the relationship with LBMC Employment Partners so good is having a one-point person for human resources needs and a one-point person for payroll. When there is an issue, which isn’t often, MetaMorph knows that LBMC Employment Partners will resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“It doesn’t feel like we are working with a corporation; it feels like we are working with people. They cater to the individual needs of each company and make themselves accessible for any needs that arise unexpectedly. We’ve been very happy with the relationship we have with them.” – Nina Dintzis, MetaMorph

It is very advantageous for a small business like MetaMorph to operate under a bigger umbrella that LBMC Employment Partners provides to keep their benefits costs down. Due to their work with government contracts, LBMC Employment Partners works with them to establish and keep a timekeeping system that satisfies all requirements.