Offering Communities Financial Solutions with Hometown Atmosphere

The Client

Wilson Bank & Trust has worked hard to establish a unique position in the world of financial services. As an independent, community-based bank, Wilson Bank & Trust strives to provide friendly, professional, and personal service from a caring staff. In addition, the organization is committed to maintaining a hometown atmosphere in each of its neighborhood offices, intentionally working to be an active and integral part of each community in which it serves. Wilson Bank & Trust’s approach has been a welcomed presence in markets large and small throughout Middle Tennessee. That same approach has made Wilson Bank & Trust one of the top-rated banks in the country, in terms of stability, products, technology, growth, and earnings.

The Opportunity

Wilson Bank & Trust had an experienced and knowledgeable IT security team, yet the organization’s leaders were looking for that “extra layer” of security to provide them with the confidence that there would be no surprises when it came to an audit or a breach of customers’ secure information. Due to the complex and dynamic nature of banking security, Wilson Bank & Trust sought out third-party experts to evaluate and recommend solutions tailored to its specific banking culture. These days, bank robberies don’t always require a gun, as heists are now increasing in frequency and are more high-tech and creative. Cyber thieves are operating with the leading edge of technology.

The Solution

LBMC Information Security performed a comprehensive evaluation of Wilson Bank & Trust’s internal information technology systems. LBMC Information Security’s experts evaluated security weaknesses, identified and evaluated potential vulnerabilities, and determined Wilson Bank & Trust’s overall cybersecurity posture. LBMC Information Security installed managed intrusion detection and prevention equipment and log monitoring sensors to monitor the bank’s network traffic and systems security around the clock. The application of these security measures, coupled with LBMC Information Security’s professional staff of security experts regularly overseeing and reviewing activity, resulted in highly effective security coverage for Wilson Bank & Trust.

“We have found LBMC Information Security’s services to be a highly effective additional layer in securing our information technology assets,” says Mark duBarry, Wilson Bank & Trust’s Senior Vice-President and Director of Technology. “LBMC Information Security’s systems are innovative and state-of-the-art, and the team of professionals is great to work with. I highly recommend LBMC Information Security,” adds duBarry.” While trusting LBMC Information Security with its cybersecurity needs, Wilson Bank & Trust can focus on core business needs, confident that it has an experienced information security partner.