Helping individuals, families, and churches live in financial freedom.

Founded in Knoxville by financial counselor Larry Burkett, Crown Financial Ministries has served as a financial advisory resource for 43 years. Applying biblical principles, Crown creates tools that help people manage money and develop great careers as a direct result of a heart transformation.

Who is Crown Financial Ministries?

With materials sourced to 75 different organizations across the world, reaching 5 million people in more than 100 countries, Crown also broadcasts daily radio features on Christian radio stations worldwide. The organization also sponsors an annual conference—the Christian Economic Forum—to bring together Christian experts and industry thought leaders to discuss economic topics that accelerate collective impact for good.

“Our staff is constantly engaged in building new tools, partnerships, and events to expand our teaching ministry,” said Wayne Everbach, Crown’s Chief Financial Officer. “Crown invests a substantial amount of time writing and recording radio programs and responding to new stations that want to carry our programs. Also, considerable resources are being directed toward developing content for a robust online learning platform we are preparing to launch and growing our Christian Economic Forum (CEF) membership network.”

Crown was founded as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) company and is governed by a Board of Directors, with a majority of its funding coming from donors.

The Opportunity

With 23 employees and operations all over the world, Crown Financial Ministries needed an HR management partner that could handle the complexities of its organization. Crown’s Chief Financial Officer, Wayne Everbach, had worked with LBMC Employment Partners in a previous nonprofit role and knew that the organization was equipped for the task.

Crown decided to enlist the PEO services of LBMC EP because of the company’s reputation in Knoxville and its certifications of excellence. LBMC EP also offered Crown a one-stop shop for HR management combined with payroll and insurance services. Crown’s leadership quickly became confident that they could turn to the LBMC EP team for all their HR needs.

The Solution

Crown began its partnership with LBMC EP in 2013, using the PEO to design an employee handbook and create benefits plans for the group’s employees. Through the PEO, LBMC EP also provides payroll services for Crown and is available for guidance on all other employee issues.

“Our experience has been that LBMC Employment Partners is very consistent in their services and a great business partner,” said Everbach. “With LBMC EP, Crown is able to spend more time on ministry and less time with administrative challenges and other HR-related issues.”