Curiosity drives our focus. Passion drives our work. Early is our goal.

Decode Health applies data science to the science of health, arming the healthcare community with information to find undiagnosed, uncontrolled, or misdiagnosed chronic disease patients, thereby saving lives and millions in wasted dollars. Now, with much of our country laser-focused on COVID-19 mitigation, we’ve also aimed our predictive analytics toward predicting future outbreaks in geographies and specific populations, arming officials with critical data for decision-making, often in advance of actual testing results.

Our focus on predictive analytics was born from our sister organization, IQuity Labs, a pioneer in genomic RNA-focused, blood-based diagnostic laboratory testing for autoimmune diseases. Our process used machine learning-based analytics to match laboratory results to blood patterns of patients known to have the target diseases and identified new disease cases earlier than conventional diagnostic approaches.

We honed our analytics capabilities from our genomic, autoimmune-focused work, and expanded to other healthcare datasets, including patient claims data, lab results, patient-reported survey data, and social determinants of health data (SDOH). Our focus grew beyond the initial use case of autoimmune diseases to other chronic diseases with high prevalence and cost.

Our data team uses artificial intelligence to uncover specific patterns that can predict future outcomes in multiple chronic diseases, including our recent COVID-19 prediction and mitigation work. Our models have proven to be more than 90% accurate using information from commercial payer populations, and in multiple examples of county-, state-, and community-level predictions of coronavirus growth.

These two areas of our work complement one another as chronic disease comorbidities only heighten the risk of adverse outcomes for those who contract the virus.

Our predictive analytics solution outcomes are accurate and actionable insights that go beyond what other analytics companies claim to do. Rather than presenting a descriptive report of what already happened, our insights offer truly predictive information layered with geographically and demographically relevant social determinants of health to understand better how to address risk.

Augmenting the insights delivered via machine learning feedback, Decode Health is uniquely positioned via partnerships with those offering patient engagement tools like SMS text messaging and other two-way communication methods, to incorporate real-time, interactive patient survey information. This information is delivered via opt-in text messaging, giving us the ability to understand behaviors and track symptoms. This survey data continually enhances Decode Health’s predictions and enables more targeted engagement with at-risk populations.

Working in concert with organizations or payer populations of any size, we can quickly implement a risk prediction and monitoring program for COVID-19 and other chronic conditions. Many members and patients recovering from a COVID-19 infection may recover with new or exacerbated chronic conditions, warranting further monitoring to avoid adverse and costly health events related to their post-COVID health status.

That’s where Decode Health’s ongoing machine learning solution will continue to produce actionable insights to manage member-, patient-, or community-based populations, whether needing to do so as a result of COVID-19 or to manage ongoing chronic disease risk. Our clients benefit from our accurate and actionable insights.

Early interventions lead to the best long-term outcomes.

The Opportunity

We’ve been with LBMC Employment Partners since 2015 across two startups, IQuity Labs and Decode Health. Prior to this, our founders had worked with members of the LBMC team in previous companies and engaged with a variety of LBMC organizations for accounting, healthcare consulting, security and technology services. In particular, our co-founder and chief strategist, Julia Polk, has had long-standing relationships with LBMC and W-Squared, which was acquired by LBMC in 2017. Her familiarity with and trust of the services that LBMC and their family of companies provide are foundational to the experience that we now have. LBMC EP’s roots in Nashville means that they understand our world, healthcare, and the challenges and opportunities that startups may face. Knowing that they are taking care of the details we would have to manage on our own allows us to be nimble, and adapt to changing market conditions, while being steady and consistent in our business and human resources practices. This is critical as we grow our business and expand our team.

The Solution

LBMC EP delivers quality. The quality level is high in every aspect of our engagement with LBMC EP ranging from the people to the processes they have put in place to support our business. We trust that they are managing the details, meeting our needs, and that everyone in the organization is invested in our success. As a start-up, there are myriad issues and opportunities to be dealt with on any given day. Knowing that LBMC EP consistently focuses on delivering information proactively helps us focus on growing our businesses.

Our advice to those considering LBMC EP’s services: do it. Having a partnership with LBMC EP is among the best decisions you can make.