Jobs for Tennessee Graduates (JTG), an affiliate of Jobs of America’s Graduates (JAG), is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to stewarding high school students with barriers to graduation, with follow through toward post-secondary education and/or job opportunities.

By partnering with local school districts, JTG specialists teach core skills not covered in other classes to high school seniors in an effort to support their growth and position them for success after graduation. The class of 2016 earned $5.4 million dollars in post-secondary opportunities. In 2017, 624 JTG students graduated at a 96% rate. 

JTG launched in 1981 under Governor Lamar Alexander. It was exclusively state-funded until 2013 but transitioned into a 501(c)(3) in July of 2014. While the organization continued to thrive in its mission, the transition created some new challenges related to managing human resources, payroll, and employee benefits.


John Dwyer, President & CEO for JTG, began looking for a human resources partner who could help JTG navigate the challenges it was facing. “It was a simple referral from a friend with some experience in the field,” Dwyer explained. “I told him I needed a payroll service with healthcare for the JTG specialists who were no longer going to be paid via state and federal programs. Through a leap of faith, JTG decided to take on these specialists as employees, and I had no idea how to do that.”

JTG began working with LBMC Employment Partners in July of 2016 to solve its payroll needs and explore healthcare benefits options for its employees. “My initial meeting with LBMC EP made me feel at ease, as I had never been through this process before. The health insurance is very reasonable, and the customer service is always solid. I never even researched another provider,” Dwyer expressed.


How would you describe the partnership between JTG and LBMC EP? In one word, Dwyer says, “Flawless.”

“LBMC EP has made the transition to a nonprofit seamless. I was intimidated with, for all intents and purposes, starting an organization from scratch. I couldn’t have done it without them,” Dwyer affirms.

LBMC Employment Partners has worked diligently to make the human resources aspect of running a nonprofit organization as easy as possible for JTG by providing the best health insurance rates possible and providing exceptional payroll support. “LBMC EP helps take the worry and angst out of payroll and healthcare benefits management,” says Dwyer. “If you’re looking for a payroll or human resource service provider, go with LBMC EP and never look back. The company and its people are that good.”